Sessione Creating your own LLM from opensource models - Web Day 2024 - UGIdotNET
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Creating your own LLM from opensource models

(Synapsia AI)
Lingua: Italiano
Orario: 20:00  -  20:45

From a "simple" finetuning to your own Mixture of Expert model using opensource models.
Nowadays training from scratch an LLM is a so huge effort also for very big company. Starting from pre-trained models to create your own model is no more a way for resourceless companies, but a often a must starting point.

  • Lora
  • Quantization and QLora
  • Injecting embeddinds model into Lora to manage multiple Lora adapters.
  • Mixing models
  • Creating your MoE (Mixture of experts) model using several finetuned (Your own) models