Applying AI+Big Data – Improving the life of the Visually Impaired

(Least Observed)
Lingua: Inglese
Orario: 18:00  -  19:00

A real life story of the journey of an innovative solution development to improve the quality of life of the blind people. How a startup harnessed innovation management in every step in developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrated Sunglasses- bringing the latest technology to the marginalized people. The sunglasses itself are a virtual companion to assist the blind person in their daily life. When the end users are the real blind people, developing a solution must come down to empathy. Discovering the pain points of their life can never be possible through traditional surveys. Creating a collaborative environment among the blind people, subject matter experts and the solution designers has really ensured an outcome based solution with ‘Zero’ assumptions. Iterative approach on requirements feasibility using prototype driven approach in both hardware and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Big Data, addressing needs for both the blind person and his family members- all made possible by exploring latent needs in various stages, adapting to the new findings/feedbacks in an agile way and creating empathy in a cross functional team. The presentation will demonstrate how ‘Ethical use of AI' can ensure a better way of living with restored self-esteem for the least observed, the blind people.

The Session will also touch on how ‘Design Thinking’, Lean Startup and Agile Software Development methodology has been practiced from ideation to innovation.