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Francesco Carucci

I grew up in the Industry as Graphics Engineer, considered highly creative in my work. I'm extremely passionate about what I’m doing and I create.

I have very deep understanding of modern GPU architectures, and I keep myself up to date about the latest technologies in this field.

During my experience as Graphics Programmer, I worked on post processing effects, HDR rendering, special effects like high quality sky and water rendering, and 3D engine architecture.

I advocate practices and concepts like Continuous Integration, Unit Testing and Refactoring to speed up software development and reduce costs associated with quickly changing requirements.

I’m particularly interested in Agile methodologies, with focus on SCRUM and Extreme Programming, as means to meet the high quality standards imposed by the Game Industry.

Specialties: I have excellent knowledge of C++ and its advanced programming paradigms, having used it for more than 10 years as my main programming language.
I have excellent knowledge of C# and C++/CLI in Microsoft .NET framework since they were introduced in the market.
I regularly use Python and Ruby to write development support tools.
I use Java in my spare time for personal projects.

I’m highly proficient in Software Engineering practices to improve quality of software construction.


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