Service Pack 1 per il .NET Compact Framework

pubblicato da , il 19/07/2003 alle 14:05


E' disponibile qui il Service Pack 1 per il .NET Compact Framework.
Il service pack 1 non aggiunge nessuna nuova feature ma sistema questi bugs:

• App would not launch properly if it were already running and showing MessageBox when the user navigated out to Home
• Application terminates with a first-chance exception in gwes.exe when typing quickly in a textbox
• Authentication state handling errors in http client
• Auto scroll - scrollbars aren't removed until control is inside bounds of scrollbars
• Auto scroll - with control sitting bottom left, should get both scrollbars when control moved over right edge
• BinaryReader.ReadBytes() returns less bytes than asked
• DataRowCollection.Find Method Returning Incorrect Row
• Don't get GotFocus Event for first control in form
• Focus should move to the next control when the current control with the focus gets disabled
• Force tear down of sockets after dialup disconnect
• Http client not using credentials from supplied proxy object
• If a focused control property is changed while the application is in the background it loses its focus
• Improved code cache performance and memory utilization on ARM processors
• Improved network media sense / connection management experience
• Improved performance of Controls property
• InvalidOperationException when polymorphic type is returned and in the same namespace as the service
• Memory leak in the ControlCollection class
• Native exception thrown while setting the RadioButton.Checked property to false
• Native exception while calling String.Intern()
• Parsing of Numeric values is not working correctly on some locales (specially affects VB scenarios)
• Problem receiving empty arrays mixed with other data
• Scrollable Control - thumb in wrong position