[Microsoft] Disponibile .NET Compact Framework 1.0 SP3

pubblicato da , il 05/01/2005 alle 23:30


Può essere scaricato qui. Ecco i problemi risolti:

- Transitions between managed and native code can cause memory leaks on ARM platforms.
- A NullReferenceException is thrown when a Web Method returns an empty array using the xsi:Nil attribute.
- Modifying the SoapClientMessage.ContentType property does not modify the Http requests ContentType header.
- Stack corruption can occur on SH, MIPS and x86 platforms when local variables are created but never used.
- Invoking a multicase delegate from a catch handler throws a MissingMethodException on SH, MIPS and x86 platforms.
- Command line arguments containing double byte characters are truncated to a single byte.
- An ObjectDisposedException is thrown when a asynchronous web request is aborted before the response is received.
- Invoke on a disposed control hangs the application.
- Any array containing one or more elements is not sent to the Web Service correctly.
- An application may hang when invoking a Web Method that uses multiple XmlElementAttributes on a single argument, member or property.
- Memory corruption can occur on devices that have the native security model enabled and both .NET CF V1 SP3 and a pre-release version of .NET CF V2 installed.
- Deadlocks can occur when running under severe resource constraints.
- Tool Bar's on Windows Mobile 2003 SE no longer lose their images when removed from the form.
- An uncatchable ObjectDisposedException is thrown when the server closes the socket connection.
- Setting the Minimum and Maximum properties of a progressbar no longer crashes the application.
- Unexpected exception while adding an image to an imagelist on an Hx4700 and hx4705.
- Data Misalignment occurs on Decimal fields in MIPSIV devices.