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Davide Di Pumpo

I design and develop digital products, specializing in a diverse range of projects. Throughout my career, I have gained valuable experience in both local and international contexts, collaborating with renowned publishing houses, dynamic Fintech companies, and large-scale e-commerce platforms.

One of my passions lies in creating efficient design systems that not only enhance user experiences but also tackle their problems in innovative ways. By doing so, I aim to minimize the tedium of repetitive manual tasks, injecting creativity into every aspect of my work.

Since October 2015, I have been one of the organisers of the Front End meet-up in Milan, where I prepare events and give speeches. Sometimes I speak at conferences like CSSDay or Codemotion and various meet-ups like MilanoJS, THESIGNof or FEVR.  I come from a family of teachers and could not wholly escape this legacy, so I have also taught in postgraduate schools.

And if you want some info off the work sphere: I like comics, manga and every sort of graphic novel and as a real geek also videogames! I am also the father of one wonderful girl.

My opinions are my own.

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