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Nanna Vangkilde

Founder - Green Vision IT

Nanna is a half-Greenlandic and half-Danish technologist who was partly raised in Greenland. The changes in Greenland's climate are attracting worldwide attention, which has influenced Nanna to become a Sustainable IT advocate. Nanna’s goal is to spread awareness about what you can do to transform organizations to become greener, and reduce C02 through changes in the way technology is acquired, developed and used.

Nanna has worked as an IT Leader and People Leader. Nanna is also a keynote speaker, a panelist, a roundtable facilitator and participant and Podcast participant. Additionally, Nanna has worked with solution architecture, IT architecture, domain architecture and Enterprise Architecture in both national and international companies.

Nanna is also the founder of Green Vision IT, striving to stimulate a fully committed approach to reduce CO2 caused by how technology is bought, developed, and run in organizations today. Nanna believes that sustainable changes require concrete actions. These actions are achievable for anyone who is fully dedicated to contributing to decarbonization, and this is what Green Vision IT is all about. The mission for Green Vision IT is to make IT greener.

Sustainable IT is more relevant than ever, due to climate change and the associated new legislation related to the green agenda. Nanna believes it is necessary to integrate a top-down process to become more sustainable. It is vital that top leaders are fully involved throughout a sustainable IT transformation. Nanna shares knowledge about what changes can be made to become more sustainable when working with IT, so that we can reduce our CO2 footprint.

Nanna works as an executive advisor within Sustainable IT and as a speaker. Also, she leads events on the topics Sustainable IT, Sustainable IT transformation and Sustainable Enterprise Architecture. Nanna also helps clients with topics such as Sustainable IT strategy, Sustainable IT governance and Sustainable IT change management.

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